josh     Mon, Nov 5, 2007  Permanent link
nice video. i only watched a little bit so far, but will tune into the rest later and give feedback.

one side note: i modified your post a little. when linking google video and youtube, you can use the following format:

in this case the url =

instead of using the embed tags they provide on their sites. this will ensure a full(er) screen video player on all post formats!
aaron kinney     Mon, Nov 5, 2007  Permanent link
Ya, the movie is 2 hours. I watched it in two sittings of one hour each. But ya gotta make sure to watch the rest of it soon; it gets better the further it goes!

And good info on the video embed feature. Thanx! Nice trick ;)
ParanoidMystic     Wed, Nov 7, 2007  Permanent link
Yo - Zeitgeist is the jam. You know it's world-premiere screening is this very weekend at the Egyptian in LA. I'm going. Wanna come?
aaron kinney     Wed, Nov 7, 2007  Permanent link

Yes. In fact I already have a ticket. Im going with a group of about 5 or 6. If you like, we can meet up there. Whaddya say?