duly     Sat, Dec 29, 2007  Permanent link
hi spore, thanks for adding me as your affiliate.

i really like the black parasitical piece that seems to be approaching, positioned in a stance contemplating on how to engulf the landscape beneath. perhaps it will swallow inside out and mutate within it together. it'll be interesting to see how these two disjunct entities start creating a symbiosis process where one is neither or the other.

is this for architecture school? do you have roche as instructor?
spore     Sun, Dec 30, 2007  Permanent link
hi duly,
thanks for your comment. It's a work in progress project and your point of view interesting me. I'm french and my english is limited but i try to explain. Like you say, the topic is the mutation between the entity and the landscape. The process of a entity who creating a new kind of place. Is it possible for human living here? I like working at the limits of art and architecture.
I don't have Roche as instructor (i like the projects of the team, i follow the exhibitions and the conference). I'm an artist and i start this project at the ENSCI school in Paris.
I try to put the movie soon.
Distant     Tue, Jan 8, 2008  Permanent link
Hello Spore, the idea is really good and the aesthetic result is superb! Very good taste!