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i have been mulling over ideas of this nature rather vigorously as of late. one of my early influences was Huxley's "island", which is rather antithetical by definition, but lays the groundwork for what an implementation could look like - namely being the now small-town cliche "think globally, act locally" - and is, in general, an inspiring thought experiment on social evolution (or if you will, intelligence-based social systematics) and the possibilities for communities based on alternative paradigms of thought.

with the ubiquitous embracement of the internet, it is becoming increasingly difficult for individuals to maintain perspectives that do not correlate with real-time broadcasts, reports, videos, photos, INFORMATION, etc. and, even harder than maintenance will be the establishment of rapport with other individuals whom do not share views based on fixed, limited, or selected pieces of information. as technology continues to bridge the gap between our own nervous systems and the digital networks surrounding us i expect the reality-disconnects that plague our current state of global consciousness to diminish greatly.

>>>>sideTRAK: this could very well be an issue an neuroplasticity regarding the adoption of digital networks as valid pathways of thought. this can of worms is too big for this post////endTRAK>>>>