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Not so crazy.
AtomLittle     Thu, Jan 10, 2008  Permanent link
You could make a case that the separation began a loooooooong time ago with the origin of money. Even in it's primitive forms wealth divided humans into upper and lower classes. However, I tend to look at technology as the great equalizer. With the explosion of the Internet even the underprivileged have unprecedented access to the world's knowledge and information.

So if anything I think the size of the upper class, in the context of this article at least, will only get larger as more and more people obtain access to computers and the Internet. That means that the size of the "underclass" would inevitably decrease and eventually only consist of humans who have extremely limited or no access to technology. At that point the underclass could possibly become small enough to where they would die out or be assimilated into the upper class before any division in our species could occur.
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What about food and housing?