Michael Garrett     Sat, Jan 19, 2008  Permanent link
The diagrams are fantastic, they could easily be hung in a pop surreal art exhibition and look like they belonged in the collection. Thanks for pointing them out, I thoroughly enjoyed them.
Michael Gaio     Thu, Sep 11, 2008  Permanent link
Laffoley is by far my favorite artist. After decades of quietly crafting a strange (or not so strange) omni-conceptual universe with paint ... he is just now being discovered with his multitude of masterful works.

His art points to the approaching threshold of synchronic knowledge and collective awareness of the multidimensional object.

This work inspires me to create along a similar creative stream: visually rich conceptual frameworks over interactive multi-touch screens!
     Fri, Sep 12, 2008  Permanent link
I'd love to buy one of these posters, the amount of detail in them is intense. I've seen them a couple of times and they always just draw me in, and even if I have no idea what the hell it's going on about, it's still some of the most beautifully presented and interesting to look at kind of thing around.
Michael Gaio     Fri, Sep 12, 2008  Permanent link
Posters are available here.
etherhill     Fri, Sep 12, 2008  Permanent link
I'd love to get one of those microchip implants that he has in his brain...anyone know where they sell those? Laffoley rules!
Michael Gaio     Mon, Sep 15, 2008  Permanent link
Microchip implants available here. On sale now! Get em' while they last ...
LED     Mon, Sep 15, 2008  Permanent link
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Mission Control     Mon, Sep 15, 2008  Permanent link
LED—if the Promote button is unavailable this likely means that you have already promoted it or that you are not logged in.
LED     Wed, Sep 17, 2008  Permanent link
Thanks, Mission Control!
First Dark, feel promoted twice by me.
First Dark     Thu, Sep 18, 2008  Permanent link
hehe Thanks much LED! : )
     Thu, Sep 18, 2008  Permanent link
Weird, I was looking for highres pics of his stuff and couldn't quite find any and then all of the sudden it's on boingboing.'s%20Hole,2008.jpg

and one other I spotted: