lateral     Sat, Feb 23, 2008  Permanent link
It is not 'only' evolution, it is evolution squared. Evolution taking itself into it's own hands. Along the way of evolution though, there have been many short-lived mutations. Likewise there will be many short-lived modifications on the road towards enhancement.
hunter     Wed, Feb 27, 2008  Permanent link
Dolphins and gorillas are old news. So are humans. The future of evolution doesn't need to be carbon based at all. Artificial intelligence will happen a lot sooner than a new biological species.
PlanetJarr     Wed, Feb 27, 2008  Permanent link
Evolution is omnipresent. It's a natural direction as well for silicon as for carbon based species. But I am curious in what sense you are using the term 'old news' Mr. Hunter? In the sense of Dolphins, Gorillas and humans had their chance? At the moment evolution is embedded in carbon species. In A.I. it has to be programmed by humans. On another note: Isn't A.I. old news as well? It is a very old SiFi promise and we are still waiting for it to really kick off. I know it will happen.
hunter     Thu, Feb 28, 2008  Permanent link
I agree that evolution is omnipresent - you can think of evolution as a general concept of improvement applied to life on Earth (or any other planet, but we speak of Earth here). When I said "old news" I meant that dolphins, gorillas and all other life forms are only steps in the process of evolution. If we somehow boosted the evolution of animals we would repeat what has already happened - these animals would evolve into more intelligent ones. A gorilla has already become a "Mozart" - by slowly evolving into humans.

A.I. is probably the next step. It will be created by humans but as soon as it appears it will start reproducing itself and evolving on it's own. Only the first A.I. needs to be programmed by humans - after that humans will become irrelevant.
TheLogos     Sat, Mar 1, 2008  Permanent link
It is NOT evolution or anything like it. It does away with the need for evolution, stopping it.
Samski     Thu, Mar 20, 2008  Permanent link
i wouldnt say it was stoping elelution, rather than taking it into a new relm, as lateral said, rather than elelution, its evelution squared, or evelution 2. We are reaching a point in which we are taking elelution into our own hands, thusly a new age of evelution, as well as a new state of existance.

But i agree with hunter, in a sense that AI will be, or at least should be, developed further into its own species, before the comblination of the two will take place....