shandora     Wed, Feb 27, 2008  Permanent link
Your emergences are fascinating :-)
2 questions if I may...
Is the motion of your agents 2D or 3D ?
Can you tell which software tools you used to implement the logics and the graphics ?


For some reason the link to the video clip doesnt work here

brianmiller     Wed, Feb 27, 2008  Permanent link
The motion of the creatures are in a 2D space. As for the graphics, all I'm doing is drawing lines to each of the creatures centers.

To make each creature interact with one another, I didn't use any particular libraries or magic tools. I simply borrowed some code from the examples in Processing from the following site:

Particularly the code associated with part 08 (on the far left of the site), where each circle is drawing a line between their intersection points. I hope this was helpful. Also, I plan to post a couple more videos in the near future to show the evolution of this piece.