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I vote that you open-source this site.

Fun fact: My first 5 posts on this site were written while I was in a small city called Talca in Chile where I was visiting family, in a sorta empty lot where a couple of territorial and feral dogs wanted to tear me apart (Eventually they'd screw off but then come back so we'd take turns), inside a burnt-out and crumbling abandoned building, because I could get a good wifi signal there. There wasn't really anything better for me to do with my time besides trying to converse with my family between a language barrier and/or getting drunk off of the ridiculously tasty and cheap liquor known as pisco (PS I don't drink much at all these days, it's an overrated substance for sure, so no worries about me being an alcoholic, k folks?). Back here in Canada, I'm busy trying to find work and chilling out with friends and that sort of stuff, but yeah, I am wasting a lot of time in between and during, so I'll definitely make a goal of living with way less dead time. It's starting to fuck with me if not the entire western world, and this post helped me realize that a bit further.
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OK people - first a little reality slap: What do you want more? Theres been a TON of great posts, sure a lot of people fired their best ideas at start but a lot of people probably just can't find the time to write in this idiotic tempo we're all living in! And I'm sure a lot of us have families as myself and yearn to spend a little time left with them. Which brings me to my topic: time will tell. Don't worry about posts getting buried below the junk, in a year or two a new member will come along and point us towards some thinking streams we have forgotten. I'm just saying that this is my first post in a month or two and I haven't even come to the topics I want your help with, the AI to start with (my personal preoccupation). dmitridb, man, I love your posts being so huge but I even have trouble reading English for god's sake let alone writing it! People, you have started this "brain trust" less than a year ago and what you expect in such short time? Cure for cancer?
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Funny you should say that. I was just digging through some past posts in the context of the project Proposal for a New Society which was revived yesterday by Meika’s comment about Temporary Societies, and I came across your post on Virtual Democracy. At SpaceCollective we have been looking into possible solutions for some kind of meritocracy-based voting system which we might want to incorporate in the site and I was just thinking that I should invite you at some point to help start a project on that subject when your dispatch from the Republic of Serbia popped up. All of which goes to prove that the “streams of thinking” you refer to can indeed be resurrected at any given time, especially as we keep organizing the existing information into a living archive of ideas.

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I haven't even come to the topics I want [SpaceCollective's] help with, the AI (my personal preoccupation)

Monolith, when do we get to hear more about that?

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how do You people find so much time do do all this cool things?
I must be damn lousy organized, basic survival takes up 3/4 of my time :D

Monolith, when do we get to hear more about that?

at first I thought just to drop - in ideas as they come into my head because it's all very philosophical still but I'm waiting for them to get into some coherent state because even on Serbian it would be hard to understand. But here's the cache:
I have a similar problem as this site: I forget things, but unfortunately I can't wait a new member to come along and rumble trough my posts ;-)