Spaceweaver     Thu, Jun 12, 2008  Permanent link
I think you have here a very valuable and interesting idea. I like it very much. Have you read a book called 'The golden age trilogy'? Various aspects of this idea are being explored there with interesting twists such as reconfiguring brains to optimize the mind's capabilities to perceive and represent a reality that fits a specific chosen philosophic world view.
Alan Smith     Mon, Jun 16, 2008  Permanent link

No I haven't read the book you're mentioning. I can see how the concept relates though! It's a rich area of exploration, which I hope to see and do more of in the future as it becomes more relevant.
meganmay     Wed, Jun 25, 2008  Permanent link
I'm also very interested in this idea...perhaps we inhabit the same nation of thought!

I've been thinking a lot recently about how to follow up the original "internation" brainstorm post, which envisioned an internet-like nation that would be defined by shared ideas rather than shared land masses.

What i quite like about your idea is that you have many different nations of thought within an actual territory. So, when you walk around outside you are always a tourist, occasionally forming a temporary nation when you walk through the streets with people of the same "mentality."

I'm curious how the money and the passports might come into play?

Tyler Lang     Wed, Jun 25, 2008  Permanent link
Wow, what a gorgeous way to layout the information . Did you design this map or is it from somewhere?
Alan Smith     Wed, Jun 25, 2008  Permanent link
Hey Tyler, yeah this map and system for designing it are both things I came up with based on similar conversations seperate from the "Internation" project, but it certainly sounds like it has a lot in common.
meika     Thu, Jul 3, 2008  Permanent link
research suggestion/ compare / a thought /reading?

Cultural Theory of Risk
folkert     Mon, Aug 18, 2008  Permanent link
As seen in the Visual Complexity archives:
connor     Mon, Sep 22, 2008  Permanent link
this is nice, alan.

is this simply a visual prototype? have you thought about taking it a step further to make something to generate them in 3d?

the reason I ask is that i would be curious to see more than one person on one axis, and be able to toggle the attributes.
meganmay     Sat, Sep 12, 2009  Permanent link
I just came across some some great German worlds including Weltanschauung, which translates to world view in english and can refer to a shared sense of understanding across borders:

If it were possible to draw a map of the world on the basis of Weltanschauung, it would probably be seen to cross political borders — Weltanschauung is the product of political borders and common experiences of a people from a geographical region,[5] environmental-climatic conditions, the economic resources available, socio-cultural systems, and the linguistic family.[5] (The work of the population geneticist Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza aims to show the gene-linguistic co-evolution of people).

If the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is correct, the worldview map of the world would be similar to the linguistic map of the world. However, it would also almost coincide with a map of the world drawn on the basis of music across people.[6]