Ronan Whitteker     Sun, Jun 12, 2011  Permanent link
HI.. Yes I totally agree.

except that Jesus etc. is only one 'type' of messiah. Satan is another.

I recommend that hideous strength by cs lewis. talks about such a machine (head) and also the organisation that creates it.

BenRayfield     Sun, Jun 12, 2011  Permanent link
What predictions are you talking about? Can you quote them?

Also, if somehow people did see this future and try to explain it to people thousands of years ago, think of how hard it would be to explain something simple like GPS. There is a flying machine... What? Machines can't fly. No, really, we put some machines far above the clouds, and they stay up there for years and talk to our machines down here to tell us where we are on a map. But how can a machine talk to another machine? I'll get to that.... They talk over 1000 miles, but you can't hear it with your ears. You can't talk while being silent. You're crazy. So these machines are all seeing? How do they always know where you are? The machines talk to everyone over thousands of miles at a time. But how can they be everywhere at once? They're omnipresent and all seeing? Blasphemy! Only a god could create that. Whats funny about this is a GPS satellite doesn't know where you are at all. Your device knows where it is.

Imagine trying to explain being in 2 or more places at once (double-slit experiment) as the normal way things work, or that you can change the DNA of a cell using a machine, put it into a new cell, and grow the new cell the way the calculated DNA says. Many people say only god can create life. That's us.

It appears that religion is such a confusing subject because it was explained at a time when people didn't understand 1% as much of how the universe works. I can see why those people may have said shut up, have faith, and obey these commandments instead of explaining what they really meant. "God" is a word they created that refers to a large amount of things they didn't understand or couldn't explain.