Wildcat     Tue, Sep 9, 2008  Permanent link
First of all congrats for being invited to the singularity summit. This proves that the work done here on SC is more important than it may appear to a casual glance.
At this point I think that the main objective should be to present the fact that the Polytopia offers an open-ended narrative. Unlike historians, social scientists or future historians for that matter, Polytopians do not know precisely where the/ their story leads.
A polytopian narrative in this context need be explained, for the plot and structure of the narrative/s are emerging with the Polytopian/s existence and thus do not have a written script to which they can adhere.
That in essence is the foundation of a Polytopian narrative, it is fresh and free to become, whatsoever the Polytopian desires/needs it to be.
In a fashion it will be true to state that a Polytopian narrative is as much an emotional Endeavour of freedom of mind as it is a desire to better oneself and humanity.
A Polytopian narrative can alleviate both our aesthetic needs and our ontological strivings, simultaneously allowing our empathic capabilities to engage.
Given our mirroring neurological capabilities, and taking into consideration the extension of our brain/minds via tech devices into the grid, the emergent Polytopia by implied necessity is and will increasingly become an empathic phenomenon. That is where I see the convergence of the concepts Singularity and Polytopia.

A Polytopia to my eyes is an aesthetic/humane response to the rational of a tech singularity.
This is only an initial response, more thought and mind resources need be invested to respond to this post.

Meanwhile this came out: (and it somehow made me laugh, not sure why)

carel     Mon, Oct 6, 2008  Permanent link
Kevin Kelly recently gave a good argument against the likelihood of the Singularity event here
The argument boils down to: A super intelligent AI can think all it wants, but it will need something to chew on. Building and feeding the database for this super intelligent AI will always remain the limiting factor as each exploration and discovery generates ever more questions that need further exploring in the physical world.

Singularity Event, Impatiently Waiting