notthisbody     Sun, Sep 14, 2008  Permanent link
I agree with what you said about transparency and the ability to see the "contents" of other people's mind habitats. And also a way that those can connect effortlessly. I think this can be based off a semantic system. I'm doing some thinking on that, and it'll be up on this wall soon.

About the medias and mediums changing, I think they definitely have to transform. But we're still being born and kids are growing up going to the movies (sometimes). I'm in film, and I see a not-so-old establishment resisting adjusting to the change that's coming (these same people who just got used to the last one). Participatory experiences - a transformation of the collective experience. I believe that there will not just be a virtual one - the physical will hold its importance. I also think there's still importance for the passive experience. I think there's a mix of those desires in most people.

The Polytopia, it seems to me, will encompass all existing mediums, or rather, you will have access to them through it. I do not think they'll be left behind - just absorbed, added to, expanded upon, mixed and blended.
Wildcat     Wed, Sep 17, 2008  Permanent link
Internet evolution magazine reports:" On the stage of the recent TechCrunch50 conference, startup Imindi, which offers a service involving the mapping of thoughts and associations in a database for use in social networking, received a hostile welcome from Silicon Valley. This does not mean that the Imindi service lacks innovation. On the contrary, Imindi might just be too novel for many people .

The Imindi founders have challenged the world to think of artificial intelligence not as making computers smarter because of human beings, but as making humans smarter because of computers. "

Ok so Imindi is still in private beta, but obviously the net semantic projects are on the way, this is one of the tools that we need check.
notthisbody     Wed, Sep 17, 2008  Permanent link
I like to see a company like this talking along the lines of HI (humanistic intelligence). This pathway definitely needs more thought and exploration. It feels like the right use for the technology that's arising - instead of pouring effort into making computers smarter than us, we pour effort into making ourselves smarter with computers.