Fast T     Sun, Dec 7, 2008  Permanent link
The potency that takes shape and form in the piece you named Montevideo 2, the context which quickens the current of this moment of intelligence, touches on something so intimate and so wide.

I value the sharing of it in the collective event here as an interactive Mindful Creative Moment.

This articulation (or puting) is indeed beautifully drawing on some of the threads I consider most relevant in the unique situation of humanity, as the intelligent being in becoming.

If ever a frustration has been indigenous to being a human, I'd say it is the discordant aspect of being potentially grand yet imbedded in a vessel of actuation as yet too lacking.

To create a masterpiece in a concrete context or medium is but a fragmented shadow of what I think is every intelligent being's noble passion. And your clear portray of it does sweep in a tangible substance of deepening and articulating that passion.

One of the phenomena I think can be observed throughout history is that lack of means (of actuation) drove us to elevate certain aspects of our very nature (cognitive emotional abilities) to the realm of myth, while hacking ferociously at the ties that bridge us to that realm.

We are, as I experience it, facing in and out a fast moving dynamic horizon which accentuate a deep shift in prospects of creating new (and better) bridges of elevation. Such bridges, are a live fabric of being and doing (The poietic work) and are the landscape within and upon which indeed we perform what I consider the 'sane act' – the act of re-writing, re-forming, and correlating the flowing intelligence that is where we truly breath luxuriously with all of us and more.

That is in essence my first reaction while coming to engage with the concept of Montevideo as you present it here and in your previous post.

As to the possibility of a Collective Puting in the spirit of Polytopia, I shall say here in simplicity, it is too good a future so as not to give it my best.

Morningstar     Thu, Dec 11, 2008  Permanent link
The mind extracts intelligence from a mythical zone on the borders of chaos and putes new being into being, transforming an initial thought sensation into actual reality ….the life of art in the making....