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updated : David Bohm quote in body of post
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updated : Marvin Minsky quote in body of post
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"[Our ability to conceptualize] enables us to think such empty thoughts as "This statement is about itself," which is true but useless, or "This statement is not about itself," which is false and useless, or "This statement is false," which is downright paradoxical. Yet the benefit of being able to conceptualize is surely worth the risk that we may sometimes be nonsensical."

It is an interesting quote. Simply understood, I take it to stand for the benefit of conceptualization which overrides some of the content of conceptualization. Taken farther it ties in my mind with the discussion run elsewhere on SC - "Mind - The need for a new model (Part 2) "; for this same ability of conceptualization, seems to be the major Culprit in forming models. Do you think the way our conceptualization operates will have a part in forming new minds models? Is coming to terms with Minsky's statement is crucial in the evolution of new mind model?