First Dark     Mon, Apr 20, 2009  Permanent link
Though fun, lists such as this are usually full of misleading urban legends. More skepticism everyone, please!

"Golf" is not an acronym:

The "Wet your whistle" story seems to be false:

Honey may in fact spoil, depending upon what you mean by "spoil":

The story about "good night, sleep tight" is also probably false:

Coca-Cola was not originally green:

Not so sure about that "honeymoon" explanation:

Origin of "mind your P's and Q's" is certainly up to debate:

The 'Cambridge University letter ordering research' may only be somewhat true:

Oh good, looks like someone compiled a list analyzing all of these claims. Phew!:

Oh, and anything that starts out by trying to equate all of scientific understanding with Biblical claims gives up credibility by default...
venusamstar     Mon, Apr 20, 2009  Permanent link
I couldn't agree with you more, FirstDark; especially on the last count from this madly contrived list—well noted that not all the items on the list are rumors (or, totally false).

Well deserved KUDOS for lending a keen eye for skepticism, in an area where skepticism need be honorably mentioned—you got it! Honors bestowed! Thanks for your contribution FD, my head feels better already !