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we are now under a solar-minimum period, and the next solar-maximum will occur in 2012. it happens every 11 years, but this one is predicted to be the strongest of the last two centuries. last time we had a "perfect solar storm" it was in the XVIII century and they say the magnetic pole of earth expanded so much that boreal lights could be seen in Rome.

It is not certain that the earth will be hit by a CME (coronal mass ejection) it is just high likely. you can't know for sure what is going to happen in that scenario, but our satellites and networks and maybe also our power networks will be thrashed. if something like that really happens, we will see how dependent we are of our technology...

the subject of the Mayan Prophecy is very interesting, but people use to take it wrong. it's not really a prophecy in the mystic bullshit way, but based on astronomic data.
the Mayans had the most precise calendar of all civilizations. they measured time better than the europeans, and tracked not just weeks, lunar phases, months and years... but also large cycles based on Venus orbit and periods of about 5000 years that account for the rotation of the entire Milkyway. so, 2012 marks the end of that galactic-year, and the best part is: our sun will be aligned with the core of the galaxy.

It is something that happens every ˜5000 years, but we have no clue of how big an event it is. maybe nothing will happen and we just keep with our lives. maybe a solar storm pushes us back to the stone age, we get wars and panic. maybe we lost Earth's magnetic field, and it's really the apocalypse people brag about so much... let's wait and see : )
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I remember reading about this a couple of weeks ago, too. It was really the only article that kind of freaked me out, as well. I guess only time will tell