nom the puppet     Mon, Jun 1, 2009  Permanent link
this has been very similar to what I've been thinking lately. I love it when ideas spring up in the heads of so many people simultaneously, it's like magic. that's how i found spacecollective :D

there is one role we play in front of ourselves as an audience of one: that inner monologue.

I know I have a bad habit applying that 'mystification' technique, but it's the role above that's so confusing. Why are we putting on a show for ourselves? Is it a prototype testing ground for the kinds of roles we play towards others?

I'll definitely check this out.
nom the puppet     Mon, Jun 1, 2009  Permanent link
Thanks a lot for your comment on my posts I really enjoy seeing how ideas come together, and I liked that article on how deterministic people are less likely to help others (it kinda makes sense). As to your question...why do we continue to perform roles when we are the only ones on stage, and the audience is gone. Well there are a few possible answers and you'll find them in the book :D The one I agree with is that keeping the mask when everyone's gone is just another technique actors use to make their role more authentic and it has to do with believing in it, I think Goffman calls it "honest performance".

welcome then. i found him just now on google books and it looks neat. thank you.

meganmay     Fri, Jun 12, 2009  Permanent link
This doesn't follow entirely from Goffman's theory, but I was talking to a friend the other day about how everytime we remember something we are re-remembering, IE we are calling up information from all over the brain and trusting it to be an accurate account of what actually happened. In essence then, we're re-imagining our past as we incorporate new experiences and re-contextualizing this information. If this is the case, if it's a biological function of the brain to constantly re-invent one's past, we might as well have fun with it and embellish the past as we see fit. It's interesting to consider what's possible once you know how to "operate your brain"*

*Tim Leary

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i used to say that being a designer was my acting job!