collective matt     Wed, Jun 3, 2009  Permanent link
Flaws are what give something character. I have a broken digital camera which takes very interesting pictures, completely distorted yet, very mystical as they still hint at the real object.
Alvaro     Thu, Jun 4, 2009  Permanent link

When it comes to photography, especially in film, unpredictability is part of its essence. I'm sure that it is just this what makes Lomography such a popular thing. Ease of use and unpredictable outcome.
Sterner     Thu, Jun 11, 2009  Permanent link
I love that the W is turned upside down to create an M in that mixture of sans serifs and serifs. Typography in the western world has generally had this modern project of removing persona from it's characters and arrangements to achieve 'clarity', the person behind the sign above apparantely couldn't care less, he/she wanted to communicate a message, and did so in what they thought was the most efficient and economic way. So the way the letters are arranged, weaved together, I think invokes the sense of persona and tells us that a human is behind this, not a robot. If an aesthetic could be created by repetitive elements, in this case wonky and 'random' letterforms, when should it be considered a failure?It still communicates alot is my point.
Sterner     Thu, Jun 11, 2009  Permanent link

This sign is made of cutout letters from magazine bills outside a corner shop.
Alvaro     Thu, Jun 11, 2009  Permanent link
That's a very nice picture and a beautiful sign indeed.

I'm sure Mr. Apple has a lot to add to the conversation and his contribution to desktop publishing with Mac back in the 80s. When it comes to typography, everything communicates. Reading a written text is somewhat similar to a listening to somebody: what you read is what it is said, and the typography used determines the tone of voice of the speaker.

Sterner, I agree with you that failure does communicate a lot, whether you intend to do it or not, it's just as the body language of the words. I'd love to try the espresso at that corner!