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Ah you crazy artist! its just mechanics! People use math to build machines that draw paths! Some paths are very jittery - non smooth for differential equations in style of Newton. Pure vacuum possesses those laws. Extreme opposite are laws within matter or within networks. Tell us more about spidrons, they look amazing! I think these spidrons are fractal trees:
...Cayley trees: 
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Crazy - hopefully, one of them

No it is not ONLY a stupid boring fractal (I was fed up with Benoit 15 years ago, though the 3D fractals are cool), it is an iterated sequence of triangles, no scalar symmetry in the embedding space, only locally in 2d geometry. That makes it much more interesting and that's why I started to speak in Newton's and other guy's discussions, like Einstein, Wolfram etc... Stupido Cupido

you can find a lot of them here: look Spidron Age animations!

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