Wildcat     Fri, Sep 4, 2009  Permanent link
A very good read indeed, thanks for this Megan, however in the ensuing paragraph he says:

Time really isn't part of my awareness when I am surfing. With surfing, instead of being bound to a time and space dependent experience (like sitting through the linear duration of a movie or a song or walking around the perimeter of a sculpture) we wander in a landscape that is without temperature, without light, without size, without shape, and without time"

I think that as mind machine interfaces become ubiquitous that particular aspect, namely sensory experience, temperatures, consistencies, light ,size and so on will become as much a part of our web surfing as "real" life. at that point I think that the whole dependence vs independence debate should be re-opened.
When sensory impressions become the embedded norm it is highly probable that the interaction between the digital and the spiritual will transform into one continuous flow of sense impressions, eventually enlarging our minds to encompass the web as a whole subspecies of our inner virtualization.