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How dare you use such vulgar language!

But, looking at the etymology of the two words shit and vulgar, we see something related to your post...

Vulgar: From Latin, meaning "Of the common people". The common people, seen as filthy and disgusting, a clearly fallacious view which I think is filthy and disgusting in itself.

Shit: From really olde english, not profane before the Norman conquest of 1066, which was a revolution of sorts. Wasn't a swearword before William the Conqueror came along and started pulling some straight fucked up shit - If someone came along in this day and age invading a country and demanding they forget their language, they'd be considered racist war criminals.

I think anyone getting their panties up in a bunch about profanity suck so much. Those people don't actually seem to think, never actually do stuff like look up the things above that I took the time to research - they just seem to process "smart" from "stupid" by what other seemingly prominent thinkers thought "for" them, based on whether or not they seemed smart, based on what kind of "language" they used... The kind of asshole who stopped reading as soon as they read the second paragraph of this post you made! These are the people holding the seriously broken hegemony up which is now quickly killing us all, the one that needs a revolution for the sake of humanity itself, the ones still upholding those sickening hegemonic values imposed 1000 years ago and then some.
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This is indeed something we should all ponder... perhaps the wave of revolution everyone has been waiting for will be much too great in scope for any of us to survive.

Adding to dmitri's tangent:

Steven Pinker - The Language of Swearing (Part 1 | Part 2)
From The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window Into Human Nature