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That hierarchy is restrictied to those under very specific circumstances restricted to a very small section of the entire world's population whose entire lives are on top of a whole other hierarchy to begin with. Self-actualization & transcendence are broader and definitely not reserved to a certain class of individuals, in my opinion... Additionally, the ideal of transcendence is entirely culturally subjective. I'm half Chielan, and there's this Chilean guy I've heard about named Manfred Max-Neef who's pretty well known in Latin America. If anyone understands spanish, they should check this out:

He defines a seperation between needs and satisfiers of needs, unlike Maslow. The reason for this is because he sees the needs being constant across time, location, and culture with the satisfiers of these needs being the variables. He also makes a distinction between the different satisfiers of these needs being contrary to fulfilling them in a lot of different ways - Something that most people are totally blind to, often to extremes. He defines fulfillments of superior quality as being synergistic with not just the individual but the environment as a whole. We're all in this together, it's not just about the individual at all.

Found a link in English which serves as a good introduction to his ideas:

Importantly, and in relation to poverty and what Alan Watts had to say, Max-Neef says that poverty is yielded through the disruption of the satisfaction of needs.

I wonder how many fans of Maslow's hierarchy have contribed to that disruption?