nagash     Tue, Dec 15, 2009  Permanent link
this bottleneck model is an amazing metaphor
I can almost say it's the picture of my current daylife : )
don't know how could we change to the projection model, but I'm pretty sure we'll need it...

ps - there's a problem with your images. you don't need to put the URL, just the {imageX} tag that you left at the end of the post...
Olena     Wed, Dec 16, 2009  Permanent link
Good way to think about it.
A couple months ago I asked if there was something that would update me with *only* information I wanted, based on tag words or something.
I found that Google actually does this — you can type in a tag word you want to know about and choose to have news sources / blog reports / etc. about those tags emailed to you daily / weekly / etc.
But even so, the problem you mention comes up: I have to sift through those emails and see if anything of interest is in there. Perhaps if Google could be programmed to know that I would like to know about a Buckminster Fuller exhibition in my area, but not about a blog post containing some brief mention of him. Seems like this could be done, but might be complicated. I don't know.