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I was immediately reminded of this quote by the one you began with:
There are two ways, and can only be two, of seeking and finding truth. The one, from senses and particulars, takes a flight to the most general axioms, and from those principles and their truths, settled once for all, invents and judges of intermediate axioms. The other method collects axioms from senses and particulars, ascending continuously and by degrees, so that in the end it arrives at the more general axioms; this latter way is the true one, but hitherto untried.
-Francis Bacon

I've come across this idea of flow referred to as "absorption." This would be the "apperception" of reality and a non-dual experience. What follows is the "subsequent," the ecstatic, dualistic chain of signification that is "understanding" or apperception (Alfred North Whitehead said that understanding is the apperception of a pattern as such). I put "'apperception'" in quotes because absorption is an experience without an experiencer. It is what might be referred to in Buddhist terminology as ultimate reality. I especially like the absorption-subsequent terminology. Aesthetics (kind of a pathetic field) has neglected to associate this absorption with beauty, though the two are definitely of a similar character.

Beauty has as many meanings as man has moods. Beauty is the symbol of symbols. Beauty reveals everything, because it expresses nothing. When it shows us itself, it shows us the whole fiery-coloured world.
-Oscar Wilde