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This is one of my favorites among Grey's work.
Thanks for the post.
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Which is a number that is higher than the estimated galaxies in the Universe.

there are no such thing. we can say how many galaxies we can see, but estimate how many exist is far beyond our guesses...

watched a documentary the other day that pointed what drives a single cell organism to grid with other cells and create a multicellular organism, up to extremely complex organisms like ourselves. then, they compared this connection to our cultural organization and how the individual effort has to align with the interest of the collective organism - in this case, the whole planet.

It's sad and embarrassing, but the more I dig this subject the more I am convinced that we are really a kind of cancer. but the question is: there is a cure for cancer? can we revert back to healthy cells, or we'll have to be "sliced out" of the face of earth?
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There has to be a cure for the "cancer." I don't think we will overcome the problem by any normal, everyday means, though that's how it could be done if one started today and continued it for the rest of their life: live in the moment and observe the world around us for the true beauty of nature. I think that the consequences of trying to understand reality and the interconnectedness of all life will help promote conservation of natural resources in a way that promotes efficient product design and use by using the least amount of material to make something that does the job the best. But the more I think about it the more I think that some catastrophe will change how we live, ie the depletion of food and water via climate change. Only until we are faced with a such a drastic set of circumstances we will be able to figure out how to push humanity to the next step of our evolution.
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This lecture is so exactly what you two are talking about.

Eros and the Eschaton
by Terrance Mckenna

I won't even try to summarize but I am highly recommending it if you are open to speculation of the nature of the evolutionary process.
Really inspiring, and instills a sense of hope in the evolution of the species in the context of our personal and collective human process, where this all emerged from, our current state and where we are going to put it in the most cliche way.
Brilliant nonetheless.