nagash     Sat, Feb 6, 2010  Permanent link
It is kind of ironic that "The Year Of The Tiger" is about to begin, cuz you know... there are only 2000 Tigers left in the wild. so, based on the pace that the very Chinese hunt these poor felines, it could as well mark the year of the Tiger's extinction :(

but who cares, anyway? to humankind the Tiger is only a sign, a symbol in our table of silly superstitions, that give us the fool's illusion that we may have some qualities of this might cat, but sorry, we don't.

people born between 02/14/2010 and 02/02/2011 are not rebels, colorful and unpredictable. they are nothing but naked chimps with a big head, a bigger imagination, and a gigantic ego.
Hasan     Sat, Feb 6, 2010  Permanent link
Wow! only 2000 tigers remain wild. That makes This New Year even more distinctive. Very interesting thought to begin the day.