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A friend once said to me that Humans are the sensory organs the universe spawns to perceive itself.

I can relate to your rant. Thank you for wordifying this thought.
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Weather, that idea's gaining a lot of ground these recent days in people's heads. Bout time!

"Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence."

I heard that first on, (An excellent gallery partly curated by folkert who I'm going to pass my many thanks on to right now, it's good stuff!), via Alan Watts. I then posted it on my facebook status. Looked into it a bit after someone asked where the quote was from exactly. Turns out it was from some russian dude standing in front of a bulldozer in Antactica in a Herzog movie paraphrasing watts:

Anyways, you're right. We are taking ourselves for granted, and we're generally not realizing our godlike potential to the fullest. So, besides observing these ideas, what do you got in mind for dealing with it?
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Yeah! Its called Encounters at the End of the World. An amazing film.
Herzog's masterpiece imo
TheUndying     Sun, Feb 7, 2010  Permanent link
Weather: I was first exposed to the concept of a self-aware universe after hearing Carl Sagan's quote "we are the way for the cosmos to know itself." It immediately got me thinking.

I think I'll be checking that movie out for sure though

Dmitri: Personally, I feel powerless when it comes to addressing the fact that humans are the way they are, and that our current state is not the state we should be in. Moreover that it's completely possible for humanity to get out of our current state. I think it will take some sort of major scientific breakthrough ( or failure), like in the case of the Copernican revolution, to realize that we're in need of a major paradigm shift. I also find myself thinking a lot about the notion that humans are capable of changing only when on the brink of destruction.

What do I have in mind though? Well, we find that we have two major truth-seeking methods: Science and Spirituality. Why these methods were split into opposing standpoints in the first place is obviously open to interpretation, but as far as I know, they need to be reunited. String Theory and Chaos Theory are two fields that I'm particularly enthusiastic about when it comes to the scientific approach to truth seeking. Also, I've come to realize that the cosmos is as much an internal thing as it is external, which is why I think the ancient Eastern Buddhists are considered the first "psychonauts." Exploring the universe through the human mind alone. We need to somehow incorporate the human mind into the scientific method. I could be thinking about it all the wrong way though... humans tend to envision false realities out of wishful thinking.

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Right on. We do need a new theory of mind, and not just that - We need one that can allow us to produce results which take us out of our current darwinian-oriented model, I think. Augmented consciousness, or maybe even eventually entirely altered consciousness to an unrecognizable yet superior state is what I got in mind! You one of those people that sees it happening within our lifetime towards beautiful results? It's also a battle against letting the attitude that it's all wishful thinking destroy potential paths in reality you'll never know were better cause you never tried em - There's a lot of examples in history of this if you look around. Experimentation with EVERYTHING is what science is all about, and if we haven't tried it, we don't know shit about it.
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Your fear of insanity and need for 100% certainty will cause you endless curiosity and probably disappointment. If you get past the fear you'll see that being insane, just means you have to be more strategic in how you present yourself. For some reason most people think insanity comes with a lack of control over one's actions, but does it always?

Also, if your mind was "too open", as you surmise, you would be more sane, do little, and view most of the rest of humanity as insane.

About mind theory: I would encourage people to trust some of the oldest known theories of the mind and meditate more. When your mind is gone, you will know 100% of nothing. Which is what I make claim to. My motto is I know nothing and I don't believe it! :-)

About paradigms: No paradigm shift will save us, because humans don't understand paradigms and don't relate to them. There will be a weaponless revolution eventually. It should be fun. Hopefully, sooner rather than later. I hope you'll participate.
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Jazzmann91: Thanks for the feedback! The content of this post was actually a reflection resulting from my own personal paradigm shift. I suppose it's practical to believe that a global paradigm shift is no longer possible, it would evidently take some extreme inertial forces to push all of humanity into a unified direction. The idea of a weaponless revolution however is just as satisfying. Anti-militarism would have drastic benefits to humanity that I don't even need to mention, because I'm sure everyone on this website can already foresee them.

My biggest concern is the self-destruction of humanity as a consequence to truth being so profoundly obscured that this generation, and all that come after, won't ever be capable of touching on it again. Additionally, the sub-fear of my biggest used to be that truth was never meant (a word I'm using lightly in this context) to be conceived by humanity in the first place, but that fear has long dissipated since my discovery of Eastern Buddhist practices; meditation most importantly. By tapping into my spiritual wavelengths I've realized that some of nature's truths lie far behind the veil of objectivity, and even further behind the veil of subjectivity, into a depth so profoundly innate it's no wonder it's so easily hidden from us. At the same time, adding science into the truth-seeking method (pseudosciences not included) effectively provides us with the understanding and tools needed to discover the truths of the material world; our external reality. The product of this collaboration is the universe's forever expanding awareness of itself. I'm aware however that truth-seeking is not that simple a concept. As a matter of fact, a wise human once said, "As for me, all I know is that I know nothing."

I digress...