Hasan     Wed, Feb 10, 2010  Permanent link
For some reason or another a few days ago a notion came to my mind about the non-importance of Albert Einstein. Now I see why!

I predict that his research and findings will be soon overshadowed by much more concise and coherent practical applications. Sure they will lend to his thinking Yet all will see it was just a step to something much bigger.

Thats just my opinion and notion. And in no way does one not having God consciousness lend to or diminish there aptitude for scientific knowledge. Its science not life or death itself.

Just my opinion again. But God Consciousness enhances ones experiences in the science and arts. Its like watching a movie in hD+3d verses black and white 2d.
urbanistos     Thu, Feb 11, 2010  Permanent link
You have provided a delectable combination of words and images. Profound excitement need not always be linked to a new discovery.
Hasan     Sat, Feb 13, 2010  Permanent link
A higher discovery must be linked to a high notion

Yet it does aid ones being to connect to a higher source. To be quite exact and clear ! Another inclination not accusation was that Mr. Einstein was a seeker of fame and fortune. If that is the case, the matter is really within the being and his or her intention.

I can only imagine what high forms of conciousness could have leaked out of his mind. Now the atom bomb starts to make a little sence... OUCH!

soon     Fri, Mar 12, 2010  Permanent link
You seem to have an open system of thought, how does this effect your impression of the human entity en masse?
Hasan     Sun, Nov 7, 2010  Permanent link
8 months later of shoot beyond synthesis (of thought ) to synopsis (of action).
Hixgrid     Mon, Jan 17, 2011  Permanent link
Einstein was a genius in his time - today he wouldn't be regarded as a genius - but this is normal and by definition of a genius - he was ahead of his time - and his performance was a result also and primarily of his unique ability to concentrate his thoughts. But it is true: nature is without goal or ethics or religion or anything else - it is working or not and thats it for the participants - but the structures evolved have a complexity and mechanisms far beyond our knowledge - so there seems to be something like god in it - even if you don't believe in god.