TheUndying     Thu, Mar 25, 2010  Permanent link
You weren't exaggerating when you said we were currently in the same mode of thought.

Individuality is something I've been thinking about a lot lately. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense that it's only an illusion, but a required illusion at that. A topic that's been brought to my attention recently is the notion that the future of humanity depends solely on how effectively we network with each other. Had I understood this notion earlier, I definitely would've added it to my most recent post, because it fits perfectly within an algorithmic model of reality. It seems that diversity is required in order to make such a system work. Think about our own neural networks for instance. Not one neuron and its dendrite constituents look the same as the next neuron, and not one neuron in my brain looks the same as any of yours. Neurons experience individuality too. And the analogy stretches further, to some of the largest structures in the universe: galaxies. In the macrocosm, each individual galaxy is currently thought to be nested within a glob of dark matter, and that dark matter stretches and connects to other globs of dark matter which harbor galaxies of their own. If we were able to see dark matter, we'd notice a strange networked structure similar to that of our own neural networks. Not one galaxy is exactly identical to the next, therefore galaxies experience individualism as well.

I think individualism is an illusion generated by our theory of mind. However I believe this illusion is necessary for some intangible, unforeseen, highly speculative reason. I also think that the reason why our subjectivity runs so deep and seems so real to us is because- contrary to galaxies and neurons- we are alive, aware, and possess a profound intelligence of our surroundings, so in turn our individual selves are easily and uniquely shaped by our outside environment.

Great post overall. I've been entertaining the exact some thoughts, more or less.
Bright_Abyss     Sun, Mar 28, 2010  Permanent link
we are a strange loop - a spiritual animal in an age of civilized madness.
nedzen     Mon, Mar 29, 2010  Permanent link
we are energy in it`s most intelligent form found on planet earth.