PARADOX     Wed, Apr 7, 2010  Permanent link
nagash- thank you for sharing…
common sense ain't so common…fear is the preferred currency…
since i was a youth i realized that humanity was on the verge of making a life or death decision; i feel privileged to be here and hopefully see what happens…
maintaining a positive vibration and enthusiasm in our collective untapped potential keeps me smiling, but my logical side feels that it will only be through trauma and shock that the hypnotized will allow for re-programming to commence…
the majority of people who really need to see videos like this are too busy upgrading in the other direction; questioning their way of life is taken as a direct insult individually and collectively…violent reactions arise…
one point that stood out to me was when he quoted whoever said that it would take 22 trillion to fix our energy problems GLOBALLY and then rhetorically asked where this money could come from…well the recent bailout of wall street et al comes to the same amount…it has nothing to do with money anyhow…humanity is capable of anything if we work together…
greed is obsolete…
mother earth is calling our bluff…
it's time to put up or shut up…

"Mr.Green Genes"-Frank Zappa
Eat your greens
Don't forget your beans & celery
Don't forget to bring
Your fake I.D.
Eat a bunch of these
With sauerkraut
Eat a grape, a fig
A crumpet too . . .
You'll pump 'em right through

Eat your shoes
Don't forget the strings
And sox
Even eat the box
You bought 'em in
You can eat the truck
That brought 'em in
Garbage truck
Garbage truck
Eat the truck & driver
And his gloves
nagash     Wed, Aug 11, 2010  Permanent link
I know many of you will remember this post,
and I know most of you didn't bother watching the video, and if so, not giving it proper attention (ie: not while doing 20 other things ;)

so, I stress it again...
if you're a fan of the zeitgeist moviment, watch it.
if you're just not into it, watch it.
if you admire the radical thinking of Jaque Fresco and Peter Joseph, watch it.
if you don't know who they are, watch it.

end if
Olena     Wed, Aug 11, 2010  Permanent link
Thanks, Nagash.

I wonder if there is a transcript of this somewhere?
Personally, it's easier to read and comprehend something like this than watch such a video for almost 2 hours; especially since his voice keeps fading in and out.
Despite that, I did begin watching and the topic is of interest.
nagash     Wed, Aug 11, 2010  Permanent link
hi Olena,
I made a quick search and found a subtitled version...
(there's even a pt-br version, that's great for my friends who don't speak english)

but I still recommend you to watch it. reserve 2 hours at the end of the day, sit comfortably and pay attention - that's our main challenge nowadays...

I'm waiting to hear/read your thoughts ^_^
Jason J. Gleeson     Wed, Aug 11, 2010  Permanent link
Very NB work. Great post thanks.