Wildcat     Fri, Apr 30, 2010  Permanent link
very much agree to the main concept of this post, deeply related to my self-mapping in infocologies see here
meganmay     Fri, Apr 30, 2010  Permanent link
It's interesting, as is so often the case on Space Collective, this relates precisely to some musing i was doing last night. I was reading bit about the development of a "cognitive power grid" and the way Google cross-references all its datasets (in a very realistic talk by Tim O'Reilly) and it struck me that Google is well on its way to achieving a certain, limited but remarkable form of sentience. Extrapolating further, this idea of a digital prosthesis, an omnipresent, personalized internet that knows you seems completely within reason. I was suddenly asking myself, well what more could i ask for in a friend? what do I even expect from my friends? how much longer will relationships between humans be the most elevated form of interaction? It all amounts to a second coming of Sartre, so to speak, when our ability to self-reflect collides with the products of our self-reflection. Then I asked myself, as if an extension of your "consensus of ghosts" idea, what if our ghosts fell in love with each other without our knowledge or consent?

Really great post, thanks.