Olena     Sun, May 2, 2010  Permanent link
What exactly is meant by "infocology"? This is a term you've coined, yes?

As I read through some of the SC posts older members, sometimes I find myself feeling unable to understand fully because of the terminology that has been invented herein, or which isn't widely used outside of our topics.
I don't know if anyone else has this problem. I mean, comprehensive reading works, but I feel like I'm missing out on specifics — the specifics of the state of being a Knowmad, the specifics of an infocology. Etc.

Is there some kind of SC dictionary/atlas? Can there be?

Wildcat     Sun, May 2, 2010  Permanent link
the term infocology first appears as : "Of infocologies (information ecologies): because the information in our hyperconnected reality is ambient and all pervasive, creating infospheres streaming into each other." in the first post: "Of onions and Infocologies"

to the best of my knowledge I have coined the term, I found no reference to the term infocology in the manner it is used here. the meaning was expounded in the first post in the series of the rise of the cyber unified civilization , namely: A cyber Soaring Humanity in it the following appears :

(Information ecologies or Infocology)

# Infocologies are not opinion or knowledge umbrellas made to shelter us from chaos, but on the contrary, they are mind habitats, operating in a highly sophisticated information environments, allowing us the dealing with the chaotic in a manner that is both indefinite and thus smoothening the contours of our existence, and precise, and thus increasing our capability for discrimination and distinct correlarity .
# Infocologies permit a different kind of multiple realities to co-habit the normalization of our thought streams.
# Multiplicities are the hallmark of a metastable infocology that licenses itself to variations, variability and variety.
# Infocologies are particular kinds (or cases) of Cas (complex adaptive systems) and lend themselves to evolution into Topos (see- A Topos in a Polytopia- what is)
# Infocologies can be said to belong to second order cybernetics, particularly because an infocology described by its constituents (the infonauts or Polytopians) changes and evolves by the very act of self-description.

also for specifics of the Knowmad state see here: Hybrid futures, Knowmads and the Notion state

Finally concerning the dictionary of SC, I think it can be, we have talked about it in the past and I think it is a worthwhile project, to which I will gladly contribute.
care to start it?
Olena     Sun, May 2, 2010  Permanent link
Thank you so much for gathering these explanations, this is helpful...
Yes, I think starting a dictionary will be beneficial. Let's do it!
In the format of a post?
Wildcat     Mon, May 3, 2010  Permanent link
yes a SC dictionary of sorts is good, I say start it as a post, continuously updated and see where it leads. (I would suggest designing a format as well, so all definitions sit well within)
Gabriel Shalom     Sun, Jul 11, 2010  Permanent link
Taking it one step beyond mere curation to production/manifestation is the big challenge :)