michaelerule     Sat, May 29, 2010  Permanent link
shoot... meta, meta : talking about how talking about things isn't going to build them is even less productive than talking about things. I guess I will go try to teach myself some math.
johnrod     Sat, May 29, 2010  Permanent link
Some of the reasons for discussion and speculation might be that the destination is undefined. We have some trends and problem-solving groups, yet we do not know what happens when, for example, humans are no longer the most flexible entities around or, conversely, what their limits actually would be. Conditions can be cast in various ways including compounding converging, or competing. There may be some significant choices remaining for society. Thanks.
nagash     Sun, May 30, 2010  Permanent link
man, I loooove this picture! did you made it yourself?
michaelerule     Sun, May 30, 2010  Permanent link
yeah, well, sorta. its something a video feedback loop spat out. It isn't as if I intended to make that shape or could even reason about why that shape looks like the way it does. lets just call it something found, rather than something made. mathematical photography. video feedback systems are crazy, you can try to control them but the best stuff seems to always happen when you've screwed up and have no clue what the system is doing.
nagash     Wed, Jun 2, 2010  Permanent link
that's a really beautifull image : )

I know exactly what you're trying to say, as I'm a "mathematical photographer" myself.
you can check my experiments here... 
michaelerule     Thu, Jun 3, 2010  Permanent link
Your still look very nice, but my connection is too slow to stream video at the moment.
gamma     Thu, Jun 3, 2010  Permanent link
You could start putting titles for organizational purposes.
Do you think that the American free enterprise is going to die out because of the globalization?
michaelerule     Thu, Jun 3, 2010  Permanent link
organization ? hah ! ( & I don't even know what free enterprise is ... )
gamma     Fri, Jun 4, 2010  Permanent link
There was this dude on the Stewart show few days ago, and he was not a redneck although he was pro-capitalism approximately. He stated that 1. there is something unique about USA 2. that something could survive or is worth saving despite the reputation from the Bush regime or from big corps, and the government should not intervene... there. They were like blue and red team so they were supposed to fight... Bu I don't care about that. I am only concerned with the idea, i.e. the chaos theory, evolution of social networks...

Do you think that the small, private business exists or that it is evolving into the singularity or in harmony with the globalization?
michaelerule     Sat, Jun 5, 2010  Permanent link
As a liberal, I would suggest that our system skews in favor of large established corporations, and that many policies designed to "protect jobs" also suppress the formation of small businesses and economic innovations. Furthermore, it is likely that any democratic system will tend toward this state without great care, and possibly a continual supply of activism.

There are a lot of weird things going on out there. Coupling between agriculture and medicine and economics and the political stability of small South American nations, and the weird little dopamine circuits in our heads. I can't really make sense of it.

The one thing I keep heard is "jobs jobs jobs" ... this cry always seems to lead to deviations from global optimality. Create jobs for the singularity ... you have yourself a singularity ? In a post-singular economy, how will you keep everyone employed ? Can you picture this ? It escapes me.

gamma     Sat, Jun 5, 2010  Permanent link
Its about the home manufacture.