nagash     Wed, Jun 9, 2010  Permanent link
this presentation, was it on regular grad school or college? I can imagine some of the faces staring at you as you travel from the milky-way to the nanobots hehehe

TheUndying     Wed, Jun 9, 2010  Permanent link
It's a junior college English composition class. The presentation itself wasn't actually this elaborate. I had a small window to present in. It's a technical topic of course, but I felt I didn't use any intense terminology or anything. I kept it quite basic. The talk of nanotech and whatnot was pretty linear; the galaxy/human civilization analogy was just an end point that I had intended to re-associate with my actual topic. It didn't come off as bizarre to me at all, even given the fact that the intended association was never made. I don't underestimate the intellectual capacities of most of the people in my classes anyway.

Aside from the actual presentation, the frustrating thing about it all was knowing that 99% of the people leaving that class for the day won't even think twice about the implications of anything I had said. I mean, am I being egocentric or something in thinking that my topic was SUPER relevant and important to the current state of humanity lol? Seriously though.

I want people to be aware and curious about the world around them, it needs to happen. And I believe it's possible for ANYONE to devise a personalized model for exploring the intricacies of reality, you know? One just needs to create a framework based off of whatever objective concept their most familiar with. It's like writing a universe-navigating program exclusive to your personal subjective parameters.

I think this associative mind model can even be extended to education.
Infinitas     Thu, Jun 10, 2010  Permanent link
After having a life-changing experience that has opened me up to the ideas of perception, the awe of the universe, etc, I have found that I really try to look at the big picture. And you said to imagine human civilization as a sped up time lapse...I do that all the time. I find that trying to observe the universe as a whole, with an omnipotent, or maybe omniscient, perspective really helps you figure out what may come next. It seems to help guide me...

I mean, am I being egocentric or something in thinking that my topic was SUPER relevant and important to the current state of humanity lol? Seriously though.

Hah, I can relate to that. After my life-changing (I used to use the word life-shattering, but that seems to create a negative connotation, and I have grown so so much since..) experience I've found that I am less able to relate to my friends and family. When I do try to convey to them many of the same ideas you tried to convey to your classmates, it just seems like what I said went right over their heads, and they often try to change the subject.

I find it all to be so incredibly relevant and one of the best things in the world. I'd like to know whether or not this "stuff" I stumbled upon is as important to humanity as I think it is, or if its only something that has meaning for me. But regardless, I think to find the answer to that we would have to find a means to open people to these nontraditional views in order to prove or disprove our "theory." ....I must admit I think the magic mushroom is the ideal tool, but there are many problems associated with it that it could potentially cause even deeper problems in the face of altruistic intentions.
demind     Thu, Jun 10, 2010  Permanent link
re Infinitas: Same things. But I'm tryin' to make a mushroom effect with visual forms. Gathering and making unique visual stimulation messages helps to open mind.

(for example)
nagash     Thu, Jun 10, 2010  Permanent link
don't worry. you can just leave the inspirational speech to the professionals...