bp_1320     Fri, Jun 18, 2010  Permanent link
this actually made me excited and gave me a headache trying to watch it and imagine that I would never take my AR glasses off to see what the real world looks like in the future. especially if I can get KFC and Wendy's up in my face all the time... however god bless the potential, I would just hope we humans temper it with wisdom - rather than become puppets to the corporation with the biggest budget... imagine if they could feed into your dreams. for that matter you might be able to vicariously live through a surrogate, or yelp, or google maps, or google my house. there you go. imagine google has a virtual map of your house including your belongings, from the couch you could call up a search box and input "car keys" and BLAM. they are in your coat pocket under the cat blanket on the side of the easy chair.