notthisbody     Tue, Jul 27, 2010  Permanent link
Memetic Framework GEN003

form: @notthisbody / icon design: @gavinkeech / CC-BY-SA

notes: an expansion of MA GEN002. updated to icon specimens gen001, now shows forming of individuals into groups, addition of metaicons: Insight, Catalyst, Bizarre (which i feel more like evolution). renders clearer the narrative of action and movement.

based on a piece of feedback on MA GEN002 by Jack Park who said:

there is a sense that, in that huge ball of snakes, somehow, closed issue falls out in a linear fashion. That doesn’t ring any bells for me.

…I added “development” and clustered Bizarre, Catalyst and Implications around it. this is the catharsis, if you will, of this story. I’m also looking forward to adding more dimensionality to these maps. for instance, imagine the “intention” and “development” layers tightly interwovern in 3d space – there are many more connections in the inbetweens of these diagrams that are not visualized yet.

“Closed issue” felt like not enough regeneration for me. I prefer “temporary plateau”. Like a trampoline.

MAs seem a variety of narrative fractal – you can spin off any element within the algorithm into “infinite zoom”, navigating the subjective collective infocology of narratives.