Infinitas     Sun, Jul 11, 2010  Permanent link
The theories surrounding this thing are pretty ridiculous, but I cannot completely reject them. It definitely was not a Russian missile, but why were we lied to? There have been a lot of very similar spiral phenomenons around the world as well. A lot of these conspiracies, and many, many more, revolve around HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), which is based in Fairbanks, AK. But what's even more interesting than Obama being next door is that the night before, Dec 8, 2009, the Large hadron Collider broke all records with 2.36 trillion electric volt collisions. Did CERN power this spiral?

Having read plenty on Nikola Tesla really makes me wonder what fiendish plans could be underway with his brilliant technology and ideas. He claimed to have created a "death ray," which I think is more along the lines of a mind control machine. He also had plans to use the Earth's surface and the ionosphere as a massive Earth-capacitor to create freely flowing voltages in the Earth's atmosphere that could ultimately provide limitless, "free" energy to anywhere on Earth. Tesla really was a benevolent "mad genius" out to help push the human race forward. It's a shame that he is left out of our textbooks and given little to no credit for setting the stage for maybe 95% of all the technology we have today. (I wonder what is inside of his now-seized and classified documents.)

But happy 154th birthday Nikola!
nagash     Mon, Jul 12, 2010  Permanent link
That's so Fringe!
Maybe the guys at EISCAT were trying to open a portal to a parallel dimension 0_o