BenRayfield     Tue, Aug 10, 2010  Permanent link
As I first offered in  I will pay $1000 (USA dollars) to anyone who calculates NUMBER_OF_LAWS_IN_USA and proves their calculation is correct, so if there were 100,000 laws, that would be a required accuracy of 6 digits. $1000 says those 5 trillion digits of pi are easy compared to those few digits.

I'll offer half the money for something easier than that. Just the first digit of NUMBER_OF_LAWS_IN_USA gets you $500, and the other $500 for the remaining few digits. If it takes more than $500 of effort to calculate 1 digit, we're really in trouble. People are arrested in USA because "ignorance of the law is no excuse". Next time a police officer says that to you, challenge him to prove he knows the first thing (the first digit) about laws. $500 says he doesn't.

We have enough digits of pi. Most software only uses it to 15 digits.