BenRayfield     Sat, Sep 11, 2010  Permanent link
I don't want to change the subject from my Wikipedia brain to Google or businesses, but I want to point out a big effect that it appears MouseSearch3d has had...

I emailed Google about MouseSearch3d a few months ago and got a negative response. A few days ago Google put up some 3d mouse-interactive graphics, probably to see how people would react to realtime interaction. See the picture below.

Less than a few days after that, today they've put up, for the first time I've ever seen, "instant search" which is a more realtime way to search Google.

I can't be sure, but I think that probably Google had been building "instant search" for a long time and was keeping it secret while they improved it so their competitors would not know about it, and probably Google saw  and decided it was time to use what they had been building: "instant search". It appears that by building  I pushed Google into putting up their "instant search" before they would have done it, before they wanted their competitors to see it.

I'm not accusing them of anything. I'm just pointing out their reaction to what I did, when they were doing something a little similar to what I did.
wordofcommand     Sun, Sep 12, 2010  Permanent link
I have to agree the similarities are there, though a bit different to your  that - for me at least - is more intuitive and thought provoking than the 'improved' Google, which seems like a bit sloppy. Maybe you're site was inspiration to the Google code, but I would like to see your MouseSearch3D expanded and played with, since yours seems to have more relevance to Net culture and science.