Infinitas     Wed, Sep 8, 2010  Permanent link
Great post! You definitely provided some useful information that I can use to help reinforce my thoughts on...well, many things. I wish I could say I am no longer a secrets seeker, but I have become very far removed from it. Like you said, it's a matter of being, not a matter of acting. I didn't have a "realization" as you had, but rather I began to acknowledge certain facts about my inquisitive ego. The more I sought, the more disgruntled I became because either a) I didn't find what I sought, b) what I did find royally pissed me off or c) what I found made me feel completely useless and unempowered.

The way that I justified my secrets seeking was that perhaps one day I could use those secrets against the secrets keepers, who are just soooo malevolent for keeping important facts from the people... What I ultimately came to realize was the fact that seeking secrets provided me with no direct or immediate benefit. I never really questioned it beyond this, but your post certainly helps formulate my thoughts and provides me with some new insights into my psyche.
nagash     Wed, Sep 8, 2010  Permanent link
bravo! that's a very rational account on a subject that really needs some reason upon it...

oddly enough, yesterday I got to your personal website and, among many interesting posts, I ended reading the essay "A Culture of Conspiracy" for reasons unknown. It was a good read, but the post above rendered it just an introduction to your idea...

if the pattern persists I will start having dreams about The Flying Circus of Dancing Illuminatis 0_o