BenRayfield     Sat, Nov 27, 2010  Permanent link
AI and lots of other things that had been advancing have slowed over the years because society has lost most of its motivation to advance those things. Instead the motivation is get money, control others, and other negative-sum-games. Each business, government, person, etc usually is distracted with their own goals so much that they can't reorganize society in ways that each person participating accomplishes their own goals more. Humans did not evolve to work in a group of 7 billion. More about that at

The few people (including myself) who build artificial intelligence and advance science because they prefer a future where it exists, instead of because of whats described in that thread, can be a million times more effective at it because the others aren't trying to advance those things and therefore only do it as a side-effect if they do it at all.

Open-source software is the best example of something created because people want it to exist instead of for the reasons described at that thread, and its accelerating while proprietary software is strong but continues to get more complex and have more bugs and those bugs are not always fixed because businesses create software only because it makes them money and not because they want the software to work.