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I am wondering... I would like all the knowledge and all the books to be accessible at one place, but I cannot seem to remember that I ever imagined what would the final product be, the library itself. I only envisioned the policy. I suppose that I could say it is similar to google, since google corporation has been *recording* the images or texts in the world as they are - as words from bloggers, street images. wikipedia, and journals. I do not feel the "file sharing" side of information exchange, but volunteering yes, because someone needs to put the information into web sites.

The knowledge has to happen, it must be written down, explained. Also, it is art. The knowledge depends from customs, which impacts the continuity of knowledge. I am actually interested only in the immediate, present situation. If I had anything to ask you, I could sound like I am quoting the history, but it would be the present, a sales pitch.

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Readers may also like In Praise of Copying a free Harvard Uni Press download by Marcus Boon. Available here
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also Scanners, collectors and aggregators. On the ‘underground movement’ of (pirated) theory text sharing