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I agree with your points and your deliberations, but I do feel that your thinking is absent of the psychological dimensions as to why the world is the way it is—fear not, I am not going to use some trite argument for a pithy human nature—but what I will say is that in the modern world, there is a more obvious discrepancy about personal stages of human development.

Commerce has made us all interdependent of one another and I find it to be a beautiful thing. I do not believe the future of money should be complex, because to overcome the challenges that lie ahead I do not believe it is in our advantage to fractionalize that reliance.

Capitalism and our monetary system creates money as triggered by human intention or desire. The majority of people are still functioning in accordance to desire, therefore their uses of money, and their extolling of their lives, is short sighted, destructive, and far short of what humans are truly capable.

I still find it amazing that I can go to a restaurant and be served and fed and essentially be treated like only a select few were ever treated even five hundred years ago.

More people's desire is serving actual consequence and having an actual effect on our planet—and its because of capitalism. The flaw of capitalism is more so a concession to the question of 'what is the greatest common motivator, spanning all levels of human development?'

But I believe it has created an arena and produced a wealth that must be maximized in curtailing an awareness to those of advantage, and beyond awareness, a vision—a vision to honor what has brought us to this point in history, to understand its limits in our present time, and to fight to give as many people the opportunity to co-create.

The future of money is the future of what motivates the majority of the human race, and although there is a circular influence in that the system harrows people nervously to merely perpetuate the system (of capitalism—however trite the term may be in this case), there can still be those that can gain power and share it, creating communities that are more resonant to human empowerment.