nagash     Mon, Nov 1, 2010  Permanent link
"We live in a Newtonian world of Einsteinian physics ruled by Frankenstein logic"

I got interested in your case against duality... can you talk about it someday?
personally I believe there's no truth without a paradox on it :)
gamma     Mon, Nov 8, 2010  Permanent link
Hey Ben, here's something to keep you entertained. The magnetic refrigeration allows pouring the entropy of magnetic moments into the entropy of heat and back, if so desired. Cool and it works. 
BenRayfield     Thu, Nov 18, 2010  Permanent link
nagash, most of my reasons for thinking the universe is 1 thing with all parts being connected in some way to all other parts, instead of "duality" (I am not a dualist), are explained in technical detail at  You're right about the paradox part, but in that thread I put enough abstraction around the paradox that I was able to cancel it out. The most paradox-like part is the universe equaling Chaitin's Constant because it includes an infinite number of halting-problems (a software/math thing) which are each unsolvable in less than an infinite time. The "unsolvable in less than an infinite time" of those things allows us to push the multiverse around a little (It can't form any shape which contains a solution to the halting-problem so we know something about its shape to push it with), because it requires a non-symmetry in physics (which would all total to a symmetric universe together, but we are closer to some than others) which can be amplified repeatedly through statistics. In that thread, I explain my mad-science theory of how the universe works at the deepest level in a non-dualist way, and why we should expect telepathy and other strange mental abilities based on such physics, and how we can use it.

gamma, that link summarizes it as "Gadolinium alloy heats up inside the magnetic field and loses thermal energy to the environment, so it exits the field cooler than when it entered." It appears they're saying that moving in and out of the magnetic field is symmetric and what makes it work is temperature not being symmetric, but I'll have to think about this one more.