Wildcat     Wed, Dec 15, 2010  Permanent link
Hello Rene,

It has been my intention to respond to the post concerning the openness at large of Space Collective and yet seeing your response here I have deleted my own, since you have made most of my points redundant.
Nevertheless I would like to point two issues which are I believe salient to the matter, the first being that though I see Space Collective and its projects, primarily the Polytopia, as networked oriented, the site itself I see more as an incubator or better yet as a proto green house or conservatory where seedlings are nurtured until mature enough to sustain a full fledged ‘wilderness survival’ situation.
The second concerns the audience effect as reflected in the old philosophical schools of thought (and lately resuscitated) where the rationality and clarity of discourse was directly proportional to the correlation of speaker vs. audience- simply put it meant that the quality of discourse is directly proportional to the relational context relevancy of speaker and audience, the higher the correlation the higher the quality.
Given these aspects, I see the current model, by invitation only, as highly effective and fertile.
One more little thing, which is often forgotten, is the small written addendum to the invitation procedure, namely that each invited person will forever be a descendent of the person inviting, to my eyes, a lineage induced futuristic principle of critical relevance.
As you know I see Space Collective as the seed mind habitat from which a global future game changer for human civilization such as the Polytopia will emerge, and to this day my mind in this respect remains unchanged.

Allow me to use this opportunity to thank you, Folkert and Josh for the origination of this space, without which much of our current work would not have been possible in its form, function and aesthetic appeal.
     Wed, Dec 15, 2010  Permanent link
I would like to extend my thanks as well! I muchly appreciate all the hard work put into such a great thing!
rene     Fri, Dec 17, 2010  Permanent link
Wildcat - thanks for the reminder of the line of descent that can trace many of us back to our ancestors on this site.

For me the most attractive challenge of SpaceCollective has always been to create a web project that conveys an implied sense of space with its own sci-fi logic. I kind of look at SC as a space colony operating at a remove from the stasis of current society, while reporting back to our terrestrial ancestry via the infosphere.

dmitri - it's been great to witness your “coming of age” along with SC.
Environmentalalex     Fri, Feb 8, 2013  Permanent link
How do we add images and ideas to the Gallery? Also, I know our thoughts and everything we publish on here is kept - but all of the great ideas kept in videos who's links become corrupt or who's user is deleted don't help! How do we also keep the video footage? Do we summarize - make our own copy? What is your idea?
rene     Tue, Feb 12, 2013  Permanent link
That's a good question. Unfortunately YouTube and Vimeo changed their policy one year ago and stopped supporting older video links. The only way I can think of to retrieve these would be manually. We consider the Gallery (as well as the videos on the home page) as historical time capsules harking back to the early days of SpaceCollective. Thanks for your contributions. We really appreciate the continuity of members like yourself who've been with us for all this time. And it's always great to see some older posts popping up again. Too bad about the lost videos!
CoCreatr     Sat, Mar 2, 2013  Permanent link
Thank you, all who helped building and maintaining The Spacecollective. I enjoy many of its aspects for learning and sharing, the clean design, lineage and by invitation only.
rene     Thu, Mar 7, 2013  Permanent link
Thank you for your consistent contributions!