necromelia;     Wed, Mar 28, 2007  Permanent link
have you checked out dready jons idea on
intereractive performancemultimedia?

He fillmed a four hour painting with multiple artist
and projected it onto a wall as his artpiece,
We have been expanding on this idea,

rooms with the progession of paintings on each walls,
different themes for each room...
and both composed pieces for certain videos and
the idea of projecting the painting in a performance space and
recording noises improvised with the movements.

contact mics handed at the door or on tickets and put in any spot and
throughout the concert various sounds being caught onto oneanother are amplified
at a main station where visitors can hop into the
Everythone sound booth can manipulate the sounds found.

or the new photo booth,

30 sec mp3 clips recorded when you are taking each
photo in those small booths.
you can pick up the four photos with the four tracks,
of the sounds of standing still.

a megaphone set up in the middle,
connected to a satellite or all the data can be collected to be put
on a satellite,

so people can try to shout into space,
maybe headphones set up for listening?

collective mindstorm boards,

idea boards set up through out with various questions,
ideas, rants, and raves...

all digital, with keyboards, for people to add
ideas for ways we can amalgamate our idea s and
people and create something signifigant or solve
issues etc.

connectedto site like spacecollective,so
people not there can get involved,
streaming web performances.

ooh how about a online festival?

all the bands could be from different countries but
we can all play one night on a website,
we should do that sometime.
rene     Tue, Apr 3, 2007  Permanent link
Amazing to see one of my seminal inspirations pop up in your post. Way back, Poeme Electronique turned me on to electronic music, biomorphic architecture and later immersive 3D stereo motion simulation theatre design and virtual reality. Ironically, I was asked last year to help restore Corbusier's film which consisted of three separate screens, one in the center and two on the side. These two smaller ones broke up the timeline of the main film in flash backs and flash forwards of the main show on the smaller side screens. They wanted this configuration digitally replicated based on the notes they wrote at the time.

To add to the synchronicity of your post, the studio SpaceCollective operates out of is owned by a woman/artist who used to live with Karl Heinz Stockhausen and worked on several of his installations.

Also, several versions of virtual dance floors like the one you refer to were developed by SpaceCollective member Carel Struycken who no doubt has some good stuff to share when he sees what you%u2019re up to. Once the project architecture we%u2019re now working on is in place this will be a great project to promote on the site.

FYI, I have a cousin who is the head of the North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland. Maybe a good place to do some prototyping. But I really want to see an installation that features your own music. You should post some of it here.
richard     Sun, Jul 22, 2007  Permanent link
Thank you for posting that video. I have heard Poeme Electronique, but I never knew the context.

Here are some links that might interest you: - am looking into this one - This is a version of linux that's geared towards open source new media technology. It's really well done by some new media hackers
HackerLastPip     Sun, Oct 21, 2007  Permanent link
This seems to be in the same vein as your idea. They even include plans for it on their website.