nagash     Wed, Mar 2, 2011  Permanent link
What a great post!
I can't help but listening Terence McKenna's voice on the last paragraph :)

Where did this "greencity" image came from? It's amazing...
Phyllotaxis     Wed, Mar 2, 2011  Permanent link
Wonderful statement!


The combination of these two essays is powerful in implication, and very inspiring.

You both are on to something very important, and I hope this vision spreads—
Ivory Willis     Thu, Mar 3, 2011  Permanent link
Adore it!
chris arkenberg     Thu, Mar 3, 2011  Permanent link
Thanks you all for your comments! They are much appreciated.

Nagash, unfortunately I don't know the source on that image. It's been in a folder of mine for ages - I tried to Google it with no luck. But there are a lot of similar pics if you do a Google image search on "Future City".


Hixgrid     Mon, Mar 7, 2011  Permanent link
Great post, really!
I think we can enlarge our view of things by that and it is interesting to discuss it further.

What do you think about the following questions and statements?

Isn't it possible that the hierarchic technology is coding our DNA too? By epigenetics we know that our behavior is transformed into our DNA, and by psycho-neuro immunology we know that emotions and thoughts (we have when using technology like the internet or when spending money...) have impacts on our biochemistry.

Why is it not possible for humans to act like nature - as part of a self-organized system - because these principles are realized in nature but don't reflect our more power and control oriented behavior - e.g. to organize a transport system which is a mixture of individual and collective transport and so on (working-living-shopping or the economy)?
klaitner     Mon, Mar 7, 2011  Permanent link
re image source, is useful to find a picture using a picture as the search input, this is the search result page for that image (try again if this link doesn't work by copying the link for the photo and putting it into the search engine) 
weather     Tue, Mar 8, 2011  Permanent link
starwalker     Sun, Mar 13, 2011  Permanent link
very beautiful post, thank you.

"to express a direct intervention programmed by nature itself to nudge the Anthropocene back towards equilibrium."

very interesting point and clearly made, to add one note, guess food global system will be another of the unfortunate and painful corrections we shall soon behold.