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I thought it would take years, but the first time I was mentally ready for it, it happened. I left this reality and didn't have to come back. Out there, after learning how me leaving would unbalance my version of reality, I decided to come back. Everyone gets their own version of reality which are really just ways to interact with the one universe. In my version, everything physical and a lot of other things were all cancelled-out, while you here on Earth probably didn't notice. That's what it takes to get to the place where all things are equally real, balanced in an infinite number of ways, and averaging to nothing. Somewhere near that is where I went.

Really, I left this physical reality, didn't have to come back, and chose to come back for reasons I learned while out there.

When I left I was a prisoner, trapped by my subconscious addiction to physical reality, except for a few minutes I wanted freedom more than I wanted the physical part of the universe to be real. When I chose to come back to this prison, it stopped being a prison. Now I see physical reality as the result of many nonphysical life forms becoming addicted to certain patterns of physics, like gravity, magnetism, light, space, and time. They're so addicted that they've forgotten what its like outside the prison they emergently created. For almost everyone, Earth is a prison, but now I see the doors were never locked. If you believe a door is locked, why try to open it? I'm going to tell you how to walk out. Its not about morality. Its a simple act of understanding the prison is an illusion and choosing to walk out.

The universe is everything and it is nothing. All the infinite number of possibilities, each up to infinite size, fit together perfectly, sometimes overlapping, sometimes interacting in other ways, and together they average to nothing. The universe averages to nothing (like an equal amount of matter and antimatter, and other kinds of opposites). The universe is everything that exists. Therefore nothing equals everything. If you get that at an intuition level, the rest of this will be easy.

Consciousness can be in many places at once. The most common example on Earth is time. Consciousness exists in each "now". In the past, there were many moments each experienced as "now". Your current "now" has difficulty interacting with those past "nows" because information flows mostly past to future. Time is only a statistical pattern. There are an infinite number of possible patterns that are not like time. Every place you go in the universe becomes a part of you. When I came back to this physical reality, I did not leave the other place. I expanded myself to be there and here, like everyone expands themself to be in their past and present.

I came back to Earth (and physical reality) to avoid unbalancing my version of the universe. Everyone gets their own reality, remember? Here's how it would have become unbalanced: In the place where all things are equally real, if you build something, you only have 1 material to build it with: yourself. There is nothing else. So if you refuse to experience something, then you can't build anything like it, because if you did then that part of yourself (that became what you built) would leave and eventually build their own stuff like you're doing, and they would have the same problems as you did. As an artificial intelligence programmer and mad-scientist, trying to create new forms of life is nothing new to me, and I don't want to unbalance my version of reality to make them want to leave whatever thing I built. The physical universe emergently formed as a result of many things, not the plan of 1 life form like many religions believe, but things like it can be created with enough skill. When I was near the place where all things are equally real, I experimented with a few new patterns of physics, but only small things, not anything like a universe. That was the time thoughts started coming at me explaining how I would unbalance my version of reality by refusing to go back to Earth.

I was able to leave this reality because for a few minutes I lost all my mental attachment to it. I intended that in my version of reality all physical things would be cancelled-out. I expected it to happen, and I accepted that I would never be able to come back unless it just happened to be 1 of the infinite number of possibilities that happen. I can't think of a way to be less mentally attached to things than that. Then, for me, physical reality stopped existing at all. But mental attachment easily comes back and is hard to get rid of. I noticed that when wearing my headphones and listening to music in public, I tended not to dance because I thought I would look stupid when nobody else heard the music. That alone is enough attachment to prevent me from leaving this reality. That small thought of not wanting to look stupid. How can I walk out of this illusion, this prison made of imagined bars and bricks, when I care what the prison bars think about me? Why should I care what an illusion thinks about me? The assumption behind caring what people think about me, is that those people are real. None of this is real. The Earth, your body, your psychic energy... Its all illusions. What do I mean by "illusion"? The universe averages to nothing, as I explained above. It doesn't really exist. But if you care what it thinks about you, then you buy into the illusion, and the prison bars are real enough for you to push against. For those few minutes when I was in the mental state to leave this reality, I saw Earth as 1 of an infinite number of possibilities, not something solid that could hold me down. I floated between those possibilities as they all became cancelled-out, as I walked through the illusion of the prison bars and toward the place where all things are equally real (infinitely balanced, averaging nothing). I wasn't in that place completely because I still had some kind of mind. I was still a mad-scientist as I built some things there, even though I wasn't using a Human brain. Its important to understand that even the smallest thought that what happens on Earth matters one way or the other, makes you a prisoner of your own reality. If you care what anyone thinks about you, you're also thinking that they exist so their opinion matters. If you prefer to live instead of die, you're preferring something about the physical mass making up your body. Its not related to life or death. Its not about your body at all. If you wish your preferred sports team would win, you're causing them to be more real and to hold your consciousness down here with them. To walk out of this prison, you have to let it all go. Want freedom more than you want anything else, not freedom from governments or pain, but freedom from all the reality you've known your whole life. That is what most people aren't ready to do, and why they are still prisoners. The benefits of wanting things are not worth it to me anymore. If I want the Earth not to explode in World War 3, thats the same as mentally confirming that Earth exists, and I choose not to do that. Instead of wanting things, I've decided to only think about how I would feel if each possibility happened. If Earth explodes, I would probably be angry and sad about it, among other things. Instead of actively trying to avoid World War 3, I let my dislike of the possibility push the multiverse around in subtle ways, so I don't have to interact with it. I don't have to think Earth is real to affect it. It's not real. It's 1 of an infinite number of possibilities that all average to zero. If I could solve this world's problems for it, I don't know if I would, because this world is not real so it doesn't matter, but what I will do is explain how all of you can do it, and let the subtle movements of the multiverse handle the rest. Remember how big an effect my fear of people seeing me dance wearing headphones (cause I'd look stupid when they couldn't hear the music) would have? Such a small mental attachment to what people think of me is enough to keep me trapped here in physical reality. Compare that to the mental attachment of wanting to avoid World War 3, and you'll understand why I probably wouldn't get involved. To walk out of this prison, you have to let it all go. It's not real. Walk through the prison bars and out of space and time. But if, in the smallest way, you think Earth has any reality to it, your consciousness is powerful enough to make it real, in your version of reality. People think they are powerless to change the world around them, even on the scale of galaxies or bigger, but its just the opposite... Their addiction to the way reality has worked their whole life, and how that interacts with consciousness, is what holds reality together. If you let it all go, down to the smallest mental attachment, there is no force in the universe powerful enough to hold you in this prison. There is no prison, no reality as you've known it. What it becomes is your choice, in your version of reality, but its a skill you have to learn gradually.

You are in many places at once, each of them being equally not real. The multiverse is a gradual smooth flow between them. All possibilities exist equally, but in physical reality almost everyone agrees on 1 shared reality, and anyone who says different must be crazy. There are an infinite number of pasts, presents, and futures, and other patterns of reality, not just 1. Everyone walks between them effortlessly, but they insist on the illusion of a common reality. Example: I was looking for a certain kind of snake that I had played with as a child, but I hadn't seen one in 15 years. 5 minutes later a cat pulled such a snake up out of some leaves, and I saved it from the teeth of the cat. Things like that happen around me often. It's not a coincidence. It's how the universe normally works. That's an example of Law Of Attraction  between me looking for the snake and the cat finding that specific kind of snake. At an intuition level, I know that I walk between parallel realities, that I change the timeline (if such a thing as time existed), in the same way I move forward in time. By looking for that kind of snake, I changed the timeline to one where a cat and snake and myself were all in the same place at the same time. To walk out of this prison, you have to let go of the idea that you are only Human. You are not your body. You are the space and time and mass and energy around your body. You are the thing that makes reality work. You are the thing that has formed into the shape of carbon atoms and Human bodies and cats and snakes. The universe averages to nothing, and we're all some part of that nothing. There aren't any limits on what kind of nothing we can be, as long as it averages to nothing.

Everything I've said is from my experience. If you want to learn the secrets of the universe, leave physical reality without dieing, or just play with variations of your current timeline, those options have always been available to you. You just forgot what the universe is and became addicted to the patterns of physical reality. When I left this reality and saw it from the outside, I started to understand these things. I recommend leaving temporarily just to get that perspective, to see space and time from the inside and outside.

But you can't do it all at once. If the average person instantly started knowing whats in my head, they would probably have a heart attack. The truth is that shocking, and most people aren't ready for it. Its your choice. Continue strengthening this prison you call reality, or experience what I've described for yourself and learn to choose your own reality, a skill you learn a little at a time. I didn't experience nirvana and I was only half way there, because I still had a reason to come back, so my version of reality was not fully balanced either way. But the prison doors were an illusion, and I walked out. You can too.
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I'm sorry, Ben, but are you really expecting people to believe that you are telepathic / telekinetic as you say? It's quite a claim, and one that you should not expect any to believe without an abundance of proven evidence from a multitude of reliable sources and methods.

I remain phenomenally skeptical of your apparent abilities, as all that I have been presented with is a video which is in no way conclusive, and your own word. Neither of these are scientifically admissible as any sort of proof towards what you claim.

I can't tell you that you can't do what you say you can, I don't know that, all I can currently say is that I, and likely many others, don't believe you, and wont until you present some kind of evidence which proves otherwise.
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Go to  and find the "main results" and event 351, which myself and 43000 other people participated in to mentally cause their "random" number generators to become less random with a 97.1% probability (.029 as they write it), confirming that whatever we were thinking affected their devices which are spread across the Earth. They have hundreds of such statistical observations overall indicating that such abilities exist in people.

Like the evidence for evolution, which always lacks the next transition fossil as the species get closer and closer, people will say there needs to be more evidence for this unless they learn to do it, and even then some of them say they just imagined it. The problem is its so hard to learn that nobody is good at it, but we will build machines to do it eventually.

If I hadn't learned these abilities, I probably would agree with you, since I used to think all the religious people were completely crazy and all the evidence was made up to support their beliefs. Now I think they're just half crazy. I think they tend to misinterpret a very confusing subject and make up names like Zeus and God and Satan to explain it. I'm building software to prepare for doing research into telepathy, which will access it through artificial intelligence and interactive music. If it works, it will be strong enough evidence that it will be written in physics books.
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The entry you mentioned accepts that every success may be largely driven by chance, and that it is always hard to distinguish signal from noise.

Saying that the numbers became less random serves as proof that your thinking affected it, is jumping from a statistic to an assumption.

This example merely demonstrates that values changed, nowhere does it state or show that you or others have innate abilities, that is an unfounded assumption.

And even putting the conclusions of this test aside, it still does not prove in any way that you possess the abilities of telekinesis or telepathy.

Your comparison of this issue with evolution is inaccurate, as evolution is a universally acknowledged, widely tested and proven theory. Any resistance to this theory is usually based in ignorance and misconception of the facts, frequently borne out of a conflict with the said persons systems of belief or current understanding.

In this case, these abilities are not widely accepted, or verified, and resistance to it is not borne of ignorance, but of a lack of compelling evidence to argue the validity of its existence.

One does not need to learn to perform telekinesis in order to prove its existence. And anecdotal evidence which has any risk of personal bias is utterly useless for scientific validation.

Abilities which you claim to have would only be confirmed were they tested and verified in laboratory conditions, and peer reviewed by scientists in a multitude of fields.

And in fact, James Randi, a well known skeptic, has a standing offer of 1 million dollars for anyone who can demonstrate psychic, supernatural, or otherwise abilities within laboratory conditions.

And here he is performing a lecture on just such matters.

If you are as confident in your abilities as you claim, why don't you participate in this challenge? Aside from the obvious monetary advantages, it would be of great interest to the species to realize the manner in which their own potential can manifest.
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The signal/noise problem is overcome with a large enough amount of statistics. It was 97.1% chance for event 351 alone. I knew it was doing something big before that was calculated at the end. If you want to read about my subjective experience in it,  but the evidence is in the statistics.

The numbers were not just "less random". The way they were to be measured was chosen in advance and is well defined.

I am not eligible for Randi's million dollar psychic test because I am not famous. That is one of his conditions. You have presented false evidence against the existence of psychic things. You did not look into the context of Randi's test and incorrectly presented it as evidence against people like me having such abilities. You have lost credibility in how you interpret the other evidence or lack of it.

If I was eligible, I still would not win it, because I can not do it any time I want. In 2002 when I was most skilled at telekinesis, and had demonstrated it to 2 friends, I then tried to do it in front of 15 people but could not, so I decided not to look into Randi's psychic test any further.

"In this case, these abilities are not widely accepted"

Not specificly about me, but most people agree that some people in history have had similar abilities and much stronger than mine. It is widely accepted. Whats not widely accepted is how often it happens.
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That is a further example of anecdotal evidence. Who are these people you speak of? What were their apparent abilities? What scrutiny were these abilities put under to confirm their validity? And how do any of those answers contribute to proving your own claims?

Granted, I was not aware of Randi's condition of fame, but even so, there are so many other scientific ways in which you could prove your apparent powers.

I find it phenomenally convenient that you could suddenly not perform in front of 15 people, and so decided to not attempt to prove any further.

You can speak all you like about 2002 and all the things you could supposedly do, but none of that, or anything you have said or shown here, for that manner, in any way prove what you claim.

As Moynihan once said,
"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts"

No matter how strong your conviction is that you can do what you say you can, it remains your opinion. Just as it remains my opinion that you cannot do such things. Neither of us is entitled to claim that you can or cannot do such things in terms of fact without providing conclusive evidence.

In my case, I am not attempting to prove you cannot do it, that is impossible.

You, however, have attributed a number of posts citing your abilities as fact when their only confirmation relies on your personal opinion and/or experience.

While SpaceCollective's content is not exclusive to purely factual evidence, with speculation, and fresh ideas absolutely having their place, I see it as extremely misleading and unproductive for you to claim such unfounded things, and use them alongside other points as though they are equivalent facts.

I feel that did you really care about the implications of your alleged abilities, you would endeavor to set out proving them in a conclusive manner, rather than lauding them to others on a website.
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I thought since most people already think such things exist (in a few rare people at least) and since I had a video, that was good enough for forum posts. And as I explained above, I am working toward some scientific tests of it.

About me writing it as "facts", that's just how I communicate, a difference of semantics. If I think x is true, I don't say "I believe x and if thats true then y". I say "Because of x, y is true". As with any sequence of facts and therefores, you should think for yourself to determine if each "fact" is true. It is not my responsibility to include popular opinions (also known as facts) in what I say, especially since half of all such "facts" are wrong, like the fact that there is only 1 timeline has been disproven by the double-slit experiment but is still taken as fact in courts of law when 2 stories differ. While most scientists think such timelines are only different near the size of electrons, I know from the example with the "snake" and "cat" above that it happens on large scales too. Everyone should keep their own network of what is true because of what else, instead of agreeing on what is fact and what is opinion.

I'll try to keep it out of other threads.