gamma     Sun, Apr 10, 2011  Permanent link
There are neurons dedicated to motion detection in retina. They notice the movement of shadows radially.
michaelerule     Mon, Apr 11, 2011  Permanent link
I was at a talk the other day. Someone mentioned that there are 4 types of motion sensitive cells in the retina, that sense various directions, but I don't remember which. It sounded like these cells are genetically hard-wired to sense motion, rather than learning motion sensitivity. It also seems like these cells connect directly to the oculomotor centers in the brainstem. The speculation was that these cells provide rapid and direct feedback on motion for oculomotor control.
gamma     Tue, Apr 12, 2011  Permanent link
- the same wiring goes for watching boobs! Maybe you remember when you were building the electric eyeglasses, I suggested the radial shadows. Even a still image with the whoosh effect, blurred radially gives you the sense of motion.
michaelerule     Tue, Apr 12, 2011  Permanent link
... what ?
gamma     Tue, Apr 12, 2011  Permanent link
AAARGH! Its somewhere in the archives man!