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maybe an anagram
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oh, thank you. How about Undo Me Spy
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cool :)
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Just gained more subjective clarity about the logic of the knowmad. In this example, admitting a non-comprehension of a concept gave me a definition in form of a debate, inside facebook of all places. I responded:
As a newbie to transmedia, the word itself (I work as safety engineer, quality manager), I asked Gunther Sonnenfeld for a definition. He sent me here. Not having title to IP worth mentioning I feel I am neutral and unbiased to share my beginner's take on this. It feels as if we are looking for a holy grail, a border, to define what is transmedia and what is not. Brian Clark gave us a hint with his observation of the transcontinental flavors like East and West and the creative control, degrees of. Transmedia, as I see it now, is not binary: is or is-not. Transmedia is spectrum, more or less, and literally. Language and much of logic have issues with spectrum properties. Words like "trans" start balking when forced into the comparative. Let's put that claim of mine to the test: is what I say here righter or wronger than [insert preferred quote of debate here]?


The logic of the knowmad

  • is not two-valued, binary, yes/no or on/off or white/black

  • is not three-valued, trinary, yes/maybe/no or white/gray/black

  • is infinity-valued, spectrum, more or less, shades of gray all the way

How can we use that for collective intelligence, the spectrum of?